Stretch Wrap

Secure your shipments with stretch wrap

Stretch wrapping film offers an ideal solution for ensuring stability of cardboard boxes and other goods loaded on to pallets or skids during the shipping proccess. During transportation, ensuring the shipment is secured with tight and constant tension wrap is essential in protecting the shipment.

stretch wrapContaining a shipment of small items or cardboard boxes for shipping or storage with stretch wrap eliminates the need for tape, string, rope, straps, and other conventional securing methods that could damage product surfaces. Narrower width stretch film stretches more than the wider widths while still retaining much of its elasticity properties. This allows the stretch wrap to recover and form-fit the assorted sizes and number of boxes - creating a tight bond. Tape, rope, or different types of strapping does not provide a consistent form-fitted wrap that stretch wrap provides even if the shipment appears to be tightly sealed. A great benefit of utilizing stretch wrap for securing cardboard boxes during shipping is that stretch wrap does this without adhesives. When the strech wrap is removed, there isn't any adhesive residue left on the boxes.

Our stretch wrap is always in stock and available by the single roll or in cases of four 14" x 1500' rolls.